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Ok, Let's Have An Argument About It!!
Well said James. I will give your constructive criticism some thought try to adjust my ene... Read More
11/22 09:52:44 AM
Well guys, I think I'm getting out fo the irrigation gig...
That was at the Atlanta conference, if I remember correctly. Thanks, it was a good job to... Read More
11/22 08:59:25 AM
New Conduit Kits for Neat Transformer Installs
I'm asking for deletion because we are, once again, intruding on another post which was ob... Read More
11/21 11:10:02 PM
Backflow install, should I thrust block this?
---Quote (Originally by Mdirrigation)--- Is that an RPZ ? if so it does not belong in a ... Read More
11/21 09:33:08 PM
Every LV Lighting contractors worst nightmare.......
Awesome! I don't have time to look up the exact code at the moment, but all wire passing ... Read More
11/21 08:31:01 PM
FS Inventory Clearance
I called him bro first. I like the guy, so I consider him my brother from another mother.... Read More
11/21 08:23:53 PM
Hall of hacks & pikers Photo's please.
---Quote (Originally by Wet_Boots)--- looks something like a one-sixteenth bend ---End ... Read More
11/21 07:16:02 PM
7 risers and no safety rails!
So because those steps (from the original post) do not directly relate to the egress from ... Read More
11/21 06:39:21 PM
little OT winterization of interior
Do your self a favor , walk from this . Thats plumbers territory . If something goes wro... Read More
11/21 04:50:43 PM
Need new work shirts - Ours just don't breathe
Look here http://www.shoparamark.com/home We pick up a lot of the close out products.... Read More
11/21 03:36:06 PM

Moose River Media In the News

Grand View Media Group has named Bill Cooke President of Moose River Media - March 6, 2014, Birmingham, Ala., USA - Birmingham, Ala., based outdoor and B2B publishing company Grand ...

Grand View Media Group Acquires Moose River Media - BIRMINGHAM, ALA. - Aug. 30, 2013 - Grand View Media Group recently expanded its presence in the publishing ...

LawnSite.com Launches Redesign and Enhanced Functionality - St. Johnsbury, VT - The green industry's largest website, www.LawnSite.com, has completed a redesign ...

New England Grows Partners with Moose River Media - Natick, MA (November 9, 2012) - New England Grows, the green industry's best-attended event in the Northeast, ...

Superintendent Magazine Editors Win Top Writing Award - Superintendent magazine's Larry Aylward and Christopher S. Gray Jr. received the top writing award the ...

Moose River Media Supports Skin Cancer Awareness Month - This month all Moose River Media publications will bear a special reminder that May is skin cancer awareness ...

Introducing the Gateway STMA Chapter Publication - SportsField Management magazine, a Moose River Media Publication, is excited to partner with the Gateway ...

LawnSite.com Sets Record for Active Users - LawnSite.com, the green industry's largest and most highly-trafficked web site, set a record on Tuesday, ...

Technology To The Rescue

The way landscape professionals do business has changed, and technology has helped smooth the process.

  Technology has revolutionized so many different industries with its power to automate, its ability to enhance communication, and its capacity to not only generate data but also interpret results and produce reports.
  The capabilities of technology within the green industry have been no different. While some landscape and lawn care professionals have been reluctant to adopt the latest tools, those who have say technology has come to the rescue in many areas in their businesses, including scheduling, data analysis, billing and marketing. As a result, technology is also ... (Read More...)

Current Issue

Irrigation Ultimatum

Water is scarcer and costlier, but golf courses can continue to operate successfully if they're willing to change.

  You've heard the dire talk about the world running out of fresh water. You also may have heard that the next big war could be fought over water, not oil or land.
  The talk is unnerving, but it's real. A national water crisis is impending and is already impacting the Southwest.
  The golf course industry is and will continue to be on the front lines of the crisis, meaning golf courses will continually be scrutinized for their water use. Golf courses can expect more water restrictions, not just in the West but everywhere. Water costs will continue to escalate.
  A ... (Read More...)

Smart as a... Phone

How sports field managers are using technology to become more astute at their jobs

  Your most important field management tool might not be parked in your maintenance garage; it might be in your shirt pocket. Mowers, aerators, sprayers they're all important, but think about how many times a day you reach for your smartphone.
  "I'm on my phone all the time," says Pete Cheswick, supervising groundskeeper at Massapequa School District in New York. "For example, I have all my vendors' numbers in my cellphone, so I can call them if I'm out on a field and I have a question. Or, if there's a problem with a piece of equipment, I can take a photo with my phone ... (Read More...)

Fortune Telling

Experts predict 2015 to be a prosperous year for the tree care industry

  You can get quite a good view from high above a bucket truck, but not good enough to see into the future.
  The year 2015 will soon be upon us and there's no telling exactly what it will hold for the tree industry. Predictions are possible, however, based on current trends and educated hunches.
  Business looks to be strong in the coming year, says Mark Garvin, president of the Tree Care Industry Association.
  "From what I'm hearing, many companies are booked three months out at this point, and that's very good," he explains of a key barometer ... (Read More...)

Create Content Customers Love

Keep your green industry business on the cutting edge with these seven inbound marketing trends.

  Inbound marketing - what is it really? Well, when HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah came up with the term "inbound marketing" eight years ago, they defined it as, "a methodology that focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and product."
  It's a process of attracting prospects and converting them into leads, closing them as customers and, ultimately, delighting them to the point where they become evangelists for your cause. It's about creating content people love: the right message in the right place at the right time.
  That's ... (Read More...)

Maintaining a Healthy Sugar Bush

  A maple sugar maker's most valuable resource is their trees. Without trees there's no sap, and if the trees aren't healthy it takes more labor and resources to extract each drop of sap. Following recommended tapping guidelines to avoid overstressing the trees is important, but the health of a forest really depends on understanding the resources therein and knowing which trees to retain and nurture and which ones to remove.
  According to Peter Smallidge, New York state extension forester and former director of the Cornell University Maple Program, the first step in sugar ... (Read More...)

Choosing the Right Equipment

Bigger isn't necessarily better for small-scale farms

  Whether adapting old equipment, building a new tool out of necessity, or selecting the perfect new piece of equipment, finding the right equipment makes the job easier, is cost-effective, and allows efficient and effective use of time and labor. To solve the equipment puzzle, ask yourself, "What do I need, how large do I need it and is it a good fit for my farm?"
  Equipment needs can run from the basic - think hand weeders - to the high-tech, such as GPS-equipped tractors, digitally integrated irrigation systems or specialty harvesters. With any equipment, the purchase ... (Read More...)

Current Issue

Why Bulbs?

Often overlooked in landscape plans and on retail shelves, bulbs offer benefits unparalleled by other plants. Why bulbs? The question should be: Why not?

  Imagine spring without tulips. Or daffodils. Or beautiful blue carpets of Siberian squill. Oh, there'd be a bit of blooming color; some forsythia, perhaps, or a few early-blooming magnolias that survived a premature warm spell followed by that cold snap.
  But for reliable, breathtaking, sometimes curious color, nothing beats bulbs. They're not often an easy sell, primarily because it's difficult for anyone to look at a bare bulb and conjure up the image of a beautiful, blooming plant. There's an intriguing secret, though, that can become a major selling point: A bulb ... (Read More...)

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