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Weedman, anybody know what spray wands they use?
---Quote (Originally by GaryBK)--- Why would you take the Chemlawn tip off for the bucke... Read More
08/22 01:53:23 AM
advice NEEDED!
thanks to both of you guys for responding. ive been spraying in turf/lawn and along fence ... Read More
08/22 01:30:22 AM
How can I make this Measuring tool more useful
The only property's that I can't measure on goilawn are in brand new developments. They ha... Read More
08/21 11:19:37 PM
Anyone heard of this seed blend? Sentinel AT?
It sounds fine to me. At least they have the courage to mention the NTEP.com trials and th... Read More
08/21 10:54:23 PM
Switching from hose to ride on.. Customer worries
I agree that the ride on does not fit all properties. Probably larger concern is the liqui... Read More
08/21 10:25:18 PM
Blindside Herbicide from FMC
---Quote (Originally by Ric)--- SENIOR MONMENT I am 73 soon to be 74 years old. So th... Read More
08/21 10:22:21 PM
Wick/sponge applicators
---Quote (Originally by Ric)--- . Google ""ROPE WICK APPLICATOR" and you will find... Read More
08/21 09:18:17 PM
Herbicide, oxalis
Awesome! Idk why that stuff is so tough, for something with barley any root Posted via Mob... Read More
08/21 05:53:52 PM
man... I am getting put through the ringer from my customers right now
---Quote (Originally by Jcl4slc)--- Personally, I would drop them in a heart beat but I ... Read More
08/21 04:03:26 PM
Pramitol 5PS vs Spike 20P vs what?
---Quote (Originally by TxDoc)--- I wondered what else is able to get the result of kill... Read More
08/21 02:55:02 PM

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Getting Smarter

Successful irrigation beyond "smart" technology

  Your iPad can help you quickly find a recipe for just about anything, but it can't cook the meal for you. Your smartphone can help you keep track of your important meetings, but it's still up to you to nail the presentation. Your GPS unit can tell you the best way to get where you're going, but it's still up to you to put gas in the car. In other words, technology can help us do amazing things, but it can't do it alone.
  When it comes to irrigation, the term "smart controller" may give the impression that technology is the total solution - just plug and play. "That's ... (Read More...)

Current Issue

Irrigation Ultimatum

Water is scarcer and costlier, but golf courses can continue to operate successfully if they're willing to change.

  You've heard the dire talk about the world running out of fresh water. You also may have heard that the next big war could be fought over water, not oil or land.
  The talk is unnerving, but it's real. A national water crisis is impending and is already impacting the Southwest.
  The golf course industry is and will continue to be on the front lines of the crisis, meaning golf courses will continually be scrutinized for their water use. Golf courses can expect more water restrictions, not just in the West but everywhere. Water costs will continue to escalate.
  A ... (Read More...)

Formula for Success

Calibrating helps you get the most out of your sprayer, and the material you're applying

  Think of spray equipment and you might picture tanks, pumps, hoses, valves, nozzles, gauges and booms. But the first tool that should come to mind when you contemplate spraying should be a simple calculator. That's because calibrating your sprayer is essential to protecting your turf and getting the most out of the materials you're applying.
  Sprayer calibration is frequently skipped over, says Dr. Casey Reynolds, turfgrass specialist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. "The thing I see frequently is that people are intimidated by it, and they overthink it ... (Read More...)

Solutions that Work

One company's approach to finding the right employees-and keeping them engaged

  As tricky as trees can be to manage, diagnose, maintain, treat, prune and remove, they may be the easiest part of being in the tree care business. It's things like ever-changing regulations, billing and bookkeeping, equipment purchases and other aspects of running a business-the things they don't teach you in forestry or horticulture school, and which are rarely covered in tree care workshops-that often prove the most challenging. Chances are good that employee management is at the top of this list. Building the right workforce and keeping them motivated is critical to the success ... (Read More...)

Water Smart, Market Smart

Get the edge on smart irrigation marketing by learning from these companies' innovative, award-winning campaigns.

  Nearly 75 percent of irrigation professionals promote smart irrigation. This according to HindSite Software's recently released Green Industry Equipment Report. Why is it so important for contractors to market smart irrigation?
  "Becoming aware of year-round water usage can differentiate a company from its competitors," says Noreen Rich, senior marketing manager and foundation director of the Irrigation Association. "Contractors can brand themselves as more of a green company, which is a first choice for most people. Contractors should help manage water if they want ... (Read More...)

Current Issue

Feed Mixers

Choosing the right ingredients for your farm

  Mixing your own rations for livestock can be tricky. Improperly mixed rations won't provide the correct balance of energy, protein and nutrients for your animals. Selecting the right mixer maximizes nutrition, increases feed economy and simplifies custom blending.
  "Mixers should be matched to the type of ration fed," said Dr. Karl Hoppe, area extension specialist for livestock systems at North Dakota State University's Carrington Research Extension Center. "Vertical mixers work well for high-forage rations, ribbon mixers work well for general use, and horizontal mixers ... (Read More...)

Is it Time to Modify Your Sales Approach?

  It's become common practice for growers to sell directly to the public and receive a higher retail value for their product. Particularly for many small and midsize operations, retail sales via farmers markets, on-farm stands or community supported agriculture (CSA) shares are the primary, if not the only, market venue.
  Selling wholesale isn't always on the radar; common concerns include issues with volume, pricing, timely payment, packing, food safety certification, and storage and delivery. While these certainly warrant exploration, many small growers have found ... (Read More...)

Blurring the Lines

With home gardeners pushing the boundaries and the climate chnage altering hardiness zones, we take a look at some popular temperennials-those warm-zone perennials that are steadily making their way Up North.

  Looking for an out-of-zone experience? So are your customers. Following last winter's Polar Vortex, gardeners in the North were desperate for any sign of life, and once the weather finally cooperated, annuals, perennials and woody plants filled their carts and gardens. There's another category, though, that has quietly become the must-haves for anyone willing to try them.
  They're tropicals, they're warm-zone plants - they're temperennials (see sidebar). And they're being grown, sold and planted far north of their designated hardiness zones. The phenomenon isn't new; ... (Read More...)

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