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why are lawns spotted
Mowed with a Cheetah? I guess a picture would help.... Read More
04/20 11:30:36 AM
thoughts on hydroseeding
No; it won't work. BECAUSE...you said it was mostly shady. Seed will not correct a shade p... Read More
04/20 10:36:19 AM
Ground logic spray boom
Posted via Mobile Device... Read More
04/20 09:59:12 AM
Getting lost, foam markers & etc
. Foam Marker have got to be pretty simple to built or fix. U tube has a ridicules amo... Read More
04/20 09:39:58 AM
Will burning a bermuda lawn effect pre-emergent?
I used to reel my old house and I think it reduces the comp. from weeds. The grass is grow... Read More
04/20 09:22:38 AM
Broadleaf weed control transfer tank
Pump & Meter Solutions - Specializing in agricultural mini-bulk ... www.pumpandmeter.com/... Read More
04/20 09:01:02 AM
core aerator vs. regular aerator, overseeding yard
Yea sorry I meant a spike aerator. Posted via Mobile Device... Read More
04/20 07:28:04 AM
guys with zspray
---Quote (Originally by ryhenry09)--- No, it seems to throw about 8' to sides. So yo... Read More
04/20 06:47:47 AM
First dandelions and moles
---Quote (Originally by Cadzilla)--- Hippies. :laugh: Southern Michigan here. Soi... Read More
04/20 12:44:30 AM
Zspray leaking granular Fert
Don't make it so difficult. Changing the bushing is simple and quick. Order an extra... Read More
04/19 09:45:12 PM

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Beyond Mow, Blow & Go

How adding services (sometimes) adds value to your company

  Landscapers have plenty of service options because so much under the sun can be described as landscape work. Services run the gamut from cutting grass to building water features to installing green roofs to decorating homes and businesses for Christmas. Yet offering many different landscape services is only a good business model when the offered services truly fit a company and a market. The trick is to recognize a fit.
  "Diversification of services is not a bad idea, and sometimes specializing in a service can be a good idea," says Peter Haakon, who operated two profitable ... (Read More...)

The Shape of Things to Come

Scientific knowledge is exploding - estimated to be doubling every five years. So what will golf course maintenance resemble in 2050?

  Editor's note: This isn't a story about how golf courses will be maintained in the socalled "Jetsons" age. It's a story based on technology that's happening now and continues to improve rapidly. The story's sources include Jack Uldrich, a renowned futurist, and three veteran golf course superintendents, whose passion and wherewithal for their profession allow them to take a smart and realistic look at the future of golf course maintenance.
  With respect to "Star Trek" fans, golf course superintendents will not be "beamed" around their golf courses as a way of transport ... (Read More...)

Insight on Infields

The dirty details on the most important surface on your field

  And ... play ball! Or don't. At least not until you've made sure your field is in good shape. By field I mean all parts of the field, not just the green parts.
  The skinned infield of a baseball or softball facility can become an afterthought, since it doesn't require watering, fertilizing and similar care. It needs to be raked and groomed, but unless the facility is seeing serious professional action even that might be left until the last minute.
  So, what needs to be done to keep that great expanse of reddish-brown looking great? A few chores that, when ... (Read More...)

Wired for Safety

Planning and techniques for working safely around electical hazards

  Electricity and the apparatus that supports its generation, distribution and use are commonplace in modern society. All arborists must work around these facilities. Yes, line clearance crews have the job to remove tree and shrub disruptions from service corridors. However, even residential arborists must work around communication lines, service drops, streetlight wires and homeowner-installed conductors, just to name a few.
  In the terminology of workplace hazards, electrocution and incidents that involve electricity are considered exposure to harmful environment. These ... (Read More...)

Style Detective

Experience gets you just part of the way in the landscape design process. Discovering your clients' preferences closes the circle . and that's often the hardest part.

  Experience and training gets you just a little bit of the way through the landscape design process. Uncovering your client's style closes that circle, and that's most often the hardest part. So, how can you determine your different clients' various personal styles and use that to help decipher exactly what they would like in their landscapes?
  Turf Design Build talked to several experienced landscape designers who shared what they've learned over the years in gathering the clues and gaining the insights so often difficult to squeeze out of their clients.
  "It ... (Read More...)

Sustainability of Beef Production

  The role of beef production in the total worldwide food supply is significant. In the U.S., beef is king when it comes to the volume of sales and total dollar amount. The incredible biology of the rumen allows the beef cow to eat a wide variety of feed components - including waste from human food processing and production - and convert them into high-quality food for humans. The primary source of feed is forages and grass, and only 10 percent of U.S. corn production is used in beef production (in comparison, 40 percent of corn production is used in ethanol production). Beef is singularly ... (Read More...)

Never Stop Learning

  The best growers never stop learning. Of course, learning on the farm happens every day, whether we'd like it to or not. Forget to turn on the electric fence guarding the lettuce this spring, and you'll be reminded how quickly the critters will find it - and you won't make that mistake again. Other mistakes can be much more serious, and ongoing education is one key element in a productive, safe and profitable farm enterprise.
  Whether they want to or not, growers today have to engage in some types of continuing education simply to comply with existing regulations and ... (Read More...)

Enticing Edibles

So many choices, and they all look delicious. How do you choose which fruits and vegetables are right for your inventory? We've selected only 10 here, but you're bound to find just the right selections.

  Your mother was right. For that matter, so are the American Dietetic Association and every doctor you've ever consulted. Fruits and vegetables are good for you.
  They're good for your business, too. In the past few years, home gardeners once again have adopted growing their own as a way to reap the benefits of fresh produce. Whether it's a matter of environmental consciousness, economics or simply the desire for that homegrown taste, the fruit and vegetable trend is growing.
  We've gathered here a few tasty treats from a number of growers; these are ... (Read More...)

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