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Looking for Plow shoes with 3/4" shaft
---Quote (Originally by danstime)--- I have a 1985 Sno-way snowplow and it has Plow shoe... Read More
11/01 09:32:53 AM
What Did You Do Today V2.0
---Quote (Originally by BC Handyman)--- I got about 75 kids come tonight, I was only one... Read More
11/01 09:32:51 AM
JD 6R series
Drive a high speed IVT and you'll never look back. Smooth, easy to use, and with suspensio... Read More
11/01 09:32:04 AM
Minnesota Snow!
Yup, its chilly. Image: http://i59.tinypic.com/153xiqp.jpg ... Read More
11/01 09:31:49 AM
Salt Dogg under tailgate spreader need review
---Quote (Originally by millsaps118)--- I bought the exact same spreader and just instal... Read More
11/01 09:30:38 AM
12", 24", 36" LED off road light bars anyone use them?
Can everyone post pics of your lights - not one posted!! Well, OldDog made up for the lac... Read More
11/01 09:27:53 AM
New BOSS DXT ready for snow!
---Quote (Originally by bjwlawncare)--- Thank you for the answering. You have the VXT 9... Read More
11/01 09:25:10 AM
Ground up truck build, need input
Rat: snowed 6" a couple weeks ago,plowed a few customers, but things have been quite scene... Read More
11/01 09:18:15 AM
Contract Documents
---Quote (Originally by SnowGuy73)--- Why not make your own? ---End Quote--- That's wha... Read More
11/01 09:13:00 AM
Dodge Plow Trucks
Gotta love these Rams!... Read More
11/01 09:13:00 AM

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Grand View Media Group has named Bill Cooke President of Moose River Media - March 6, 2014, Birmingham, Ala., USA - Birmingham, Ala., based outdoor and B2B publishing company Grand ...

Grand View Media Group Acquires Moose River Media - BIRMINGHAM, ALA. - Aug. 30, 2013 - Grand View Media Group recently expanded its presence in the publishing ...

LawnSite.com Launches Redesign and Enhanced Functionality - St. Johnsbury, VT - The green industry's largest website, www.LawnSite.com, has completed a redesign ...

New England Grows Partners with Moose River Media - Natick, MA (November 9, 2012) - New England Grows, the green industry's best-attended event in the Northeast, ...

Superintendent Magazine Editors Win Top Writing Award - Superintendent magazine's Larry Aylward and Christopher S. Gray Jr. received the top writing award the ...

Moose River Media Supports Skin Cancer Awareness Month - This month all Moose River Media publications will bear a special reminder that May is skin cancer awareness ...

Introducing the Gateway STMA Chapter Publication - SportsField Management magazine, a Moose River Media Publication, is excited to partner with the Gateway ...

LawnSite.com Sets Record for Active Users - LawnSite.com, the green industry's largest and most highly-trafficked web site, set a record on Tuesday, ...

Hit Your Pricing Target

Contractors have gotten into a rut of pricing low to win jobs. Now they struggle to find prices that work. for both their customers and their bottom lines.

  All Bob Stewart, owner of RHS LawnCare in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, wants is to price fairly for the quality work he's providing.
  Stewart was running a $100,000-plus, successful, one-man business in Virginia, near Washington, D.C., where he could charge roughly $40 to maintain each residential lawn. Life was good.
  In 2012, he had to move to North Carolina for family reasons. There, he encountered an economy struggling more than the one he left. He now charges $25 to $30 per lawn just to get residential maintenance work. He's also finding that growing ... (Read More...)

Current Issue

Irrigation Ultimatum

Water is scarcer and costlier, but golf courses can continue to operate successfully if they're willing to change.

  You've heard the dire talk about the world running out of fresh water. You also may have heard that the next big war could be fought over water, not oil or land.
  The talk is unnerving, but it's real. A national water crisis is impending and is already impacting the Southwest.
  The golf course industry is and will continue to be on the front lines of the crisis, meaning golf courses will continually be scrutinized for their water use. Golf courses can expect more water restrictions, not just in the West but everywhere. Water costs will continue to escalate.
  A ... (Read More...)

Smart as a... Phone

How sports field managers are using technology to become more astute at their jobs

  Your most important field management tool might not be parked in your maintenance garage; it might be in your shirt pocket. Mowers, aerators, sprayers they're all important, but think about how many times a day you reach for your smartphone.
  "I'm on my phone all the time," says Pete Cheswick, supervising groundskeeper at Massapequa School District in New York. "For example, I have all my vendors' numbers in my cellphone, so I can call them if I'm out on a field and I have a question. Or, if there's a problem with a piece of equipment, I can take a photo with my phone ... (Read More...)

Linked In

Working aloft can be cumbersome and even life threatening without a good tie-in point

  There are many technicalities, concerns and equipment choices facing the modern production tree climber. Add to this the tree and its concerns, and climbing arboriculture can seem like a daunting task.
  Obviously, choices must be made. Central to all climbing activities is an adequate tie-in point (TIP). Working aloft can be overtly cumbersome and possibly life threatening without a good TIP. A poor TIP negates good equipment and technique before the climb even starts. This article will look at TIP considerations for doubled line climbing/dynamic rope systems.
  The ... (Read More...)

Get Inside The Minds of Your Clients

Today's customers are connected, educated and demanding. Tap into their psyche to better understand them and win the work.

  Let's face it, today's customers are different. They are more knowledgeable about a product or service before they purchase it. They have instant access to information (whether it's about landscape practices or products or seeking reviews of your company) at their fingertips since they are armed with a plethora of "smart" phones and devices. Because they know more, they come attached with special requirements. And, all of this makes them more demanding, less patient and hungry for instant gratification.
  As a landscape business owner, you shouldn't be surprised at the ... (Read More...)

Maintaining a Healthy Sugar Bush

  A maple sugar maker's most valuable resource is their trees. Without trees there's no sap, and if the trees aren't healthy it takes more labor and resources to extract each drop of sap. Following recommended tapping guidelines to avoid overstressing the trees is important, but the health of a forest really depends on understanding the resources therein and knowing which trees to retain and nurture and which ones to remove.
  According to Peter Smallidge, New York state extension forester and former director of the Cornell University Maple Program, the first step in sugar ... (Read More...)

Safety and First Aid on the Farm

  Of the nearly 2 million full-time farmworkers in the U.S. in 2012, 374 died from work-related injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an additional 167 agricultural workers suffer a lost work time injury every day, and 5 percent of these injuries result in permanent impairment. These numbers have declined significantly in recent years as regulations around safety and preparedness have developed, but agriculture is still a dangerous business, and growers need to prioritize safety and emergency response as a part of their operations.
  The majority of farm ... (Read More...)

East Coast Envy

High-end residential work is the hallmark of McHale Landscape Design, and one project in Virginia is a shining example of how this company does it all.

  Vienna, Virginia, is a nice place to live. It's so desirable, in fact, that Money magazine ranked it third in the publication's 2013 "Best Places to Live" listing. With a population of just over 16,000, Vienna hosts a town green, a 45-mile bike path and park, and one-of-a-kind merchants. It's an area of gently rolling landscapes and large private properties - the median home price runs a cool half million - providing a little bit of country near the hubbub of the nation's capital. Indeed, according to Money, "The small-town feel comes with access to all the D.C. metro area attractions." ... (Read More...)

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