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Northern Illinois & Northwest Indiana
I don't do the Facebook. Look forward to your post tomorrow!... Read More
12/20 04:14:57 PM
Minnesota Snow!
---Quote (Originally by albhb3)--- They should stay out of the rotunda or shopped in nod... Read More
12/20 04:13:50 PM
What Did You Do Today V2.0
I just came from a funeral myself. Maybe leave the contract home and settle up with her h... Read More
12/20 04:09:05 PM
Contractors need for the State of Indiana
Enviocore Property Management LLC enviocore@yahoo.com Indianapolis, Noblesville, Cicer... Read More
12/20 04:08:55 PM
Christmas Eve Snow
We can pretty much discount anyone in the northeast getting a major storm out of this. The... Read More
12/20 04:08:37 PM
SE Michigan Snow & Ice Thread
Can anyone post a video for me? I have to text it to you.... Read More
12/20 04:05:45 PM
Muni plowin vid
The state runs wings, on all wide open highways. The city would have limited use of wings... Read More
12/20 03:54:05 PM
British Columbia Snow & Ice
Has anyone used a Rezloh cutting edge for ice removal with any success?... Read More
12/20 03:49:25 PM
Help Apartment Lot
---Quote (Originally by bhmjwp)--- The only way you will efficiently plow that lot is wi... Read More
12/20 03:46:11 PM
TGS07 Adjustments
Thanks for the tips, better now than during a storm to try!... Read More
12/20 03:36:01 PM

Moose River Media In the News

Grand View Media Group has named Bill Cooke President of Moose River Media - March 6, 2014, Birmingham, Ala., USA - Birmingham, Ala., based outdoor and B2B publishing company Grand ...

Grand View Media Group Acquires Moose River Media - BIRMINGHAM, ALA. - Aug. 30, 2013 - Grand View Media Group recently expanded its presence in the publishing ...

LawnSite.com Launches Redesign and Enhanced Functionality - St. Johnsbury, VT - The green industry's largest website, www.LawnSite.com, has completed a redesign ...

New England Grows Partners with Moose River Media - Natick, MA (November 9, 2012) - New England Grows, the green industry's best-attended event in the Northeast, ...

Superintendent Magazine Editors Win Top Writing Award - Superintendent magazine's Larry Aylward and Christopher S. Gray Jr. received the top writing award the ...

Moose River Media Supports Skin Cancer Awareness Month - This month all Moose River Media publications will bear a special reminder that May is skin cancer awareness ...

Introducing the Gateway STMA Chapter Publication - SportsField Management magazine, a Moose River Media Publication, is excited to partner with the Gateway ...

LawnSite.com Sets Record for Active Users - LawnSite.com, the green industry's largest and most highly-trafficked web site, set a record on Tuesday, ...

Follow These Turf Trends Toward Profit

Economy and environment are two words driving lawn care product trends.

  If you wanted to sum up lawn care trend drivers for the year 2014 in just two words, you could do worse than choosing the words "economy" and "environment."
  The year 2014 was one of massive weather extremes, a mildly rebounding but spotty economy and continued interest in environmental concerns. Turf spoke with a number of lawn care manufacturers to find out how these mega-trends affected the lawn care industry in 2014. We'll also look ahead to turf product trends for 2015, and how lawn care operators can get the most value from the products they use.
  Weather, ... (Read More...)

Current Issue

Irrigation Ultimatum

Water is scarcer and costlier, but golf courses can continue to operate successfully if they're willing to change.

  You've heard the dire talk about the world running out of fresh water. You also may have heard that the next big war could be fought over water, not oil or land.
  The talk is unnerving, but it's real. A national water crisis is impending and is already impacting the Southwest.
  The golf course industry is and will continue to be on the front lines of the crisis, meaning golf courses will continually be scrutinized for their water use. Golf courses can expect more water restrictions, not just in the West but everywhere. Water costs will continue to escalate.
  A ... (Read More...)

Star Power

Mark Hickman plans to have the field at AT&T Stadium in marquee condition for the inaugural College Football Championship Game, just like he does for all the stadium's events

  Mark Hickman stands on the turf in the middle of AT&T Stadium, immersed in the prodigious blue star that's one of the most recognizable logos of arguably the greatest franchise in sports - the Dallas Cowboys.
  Hickman glances around the stadium, a $1.15 billion spectacle that from the outside resembles a spacecraft from another time. He is in charge of perhaps the stadium's most beloved characteristic - the synthetic turf.
  AT&T Stadium, sometimes referred to as "Jerry World" for the entertainment mecca that Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones envisioned it ... (Read More...)

Marketing Mania

Survival In Today's Competitive Market Could Hinge On How You Promote Your Business

  Promoting your business is important.
  That's common sense.
  But not all marketing efforts work.
  Take this example: A well-known coffee company did what many brands have done to increase their social media reach - offer a coupon or free sample for following them on Facebook or Twitter. Unfortunately, this coffee company offered more than it could deliver, depleting its supply of free coffee after only three days.
(Read More...)

A Price, A Plan & A Process

Navigate your way through estimating design/build jobs.

  The most common complaint heard from landscape and irrigation professionals is: "I don't know if I'm making money on this project." A proper estimating process should allow landscape professionals to address this concern. Most estimating systems produce a questionable price for a job and little else. A good estimating system should provide a price, a plan and a process - a quality-control process for controlling the entire spectrum of events that occur within your company.
  Some estimating systems do not account for all of the direct costs in a project. Others do not ... (Read More...)

Maintaining a Healthy Sugar Bush

  A maple sugar maker's most valuable resource is their trees. Without trees there's no sap, and if the trees aren't healthy it takes more labor and resources to extract each drop of sap. Following recommended tapping guidelines to avoid overstressing the trees is important, but the health of a forest really depends on understanding the resources therein and knowing which trees to retain and nurture and which ones to remove.
  According to Peter Smallidge, New York state extension forester and former director of the Cornell University Maple Program, the first step in sugar ... (Read More...)

Does "Value-Added" Add to the Bottom Line?

This phrase may be alluring, but your business shouldn't take these words lighty.

  These days, value-added agriculture is all the rage. If you think value-added enterprises are those that take unprocessed produce and make jams, baked goods, juices or even dinner entrees with them, you're right. But there's so much more. In fact, because direct marketing itself is a value-added enterprise, almost all small farmers are adding value to their crops, whether they realize it or not.
  "The USDA has defined value-added as 'the incremental value that is realized by the producer from an agricultural commodity or the product as the result of 1) a change in its ... (Read More...)

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